Happy Tails (Success Stories)

We love hearing from those who have adopted animals from Friends of Pets. If you adopted (or fostered) an animal from our group, please send us your Happy Tails story so we can include you with the rest of our success stories.

Sharla and Simon-

Simon tends to get out of a lot of trouble with his cute face.

Simon tends to get out of a lot of trouble with his cute face.

“I adopted my German Shepard, Simon, in February of 2013.  I just had my 12 year old German Shepard, Solomon, put to sleep on Christmas Eve as his cancer had progressed rapidly and he was no longer eating.  I was not actively looking for another pet.  However, a friend called me when she knew a German Shepard puppy had become available through Friends of Pets and asked if I wanted to look at him.  At first I said no because I had no plans to get another German Shepard after losing Solomon.  When she told me he was a long haired German Shepard, I decided that I would look at him after all, just to see what a long haired dog of that breed looked like in person.  One look at him, and I knew there was no doubt he was coming home with me.

Simon, who I affectionately call the Big Wet Hairy Mess, has been a source of entertainment for me from day one.  He dearly loves water, which is where the nickname the Big Wet Hairy Mess comes from.  When he wants to play with other dogs and they don’t want to play with him, he will sit on them.  He loves to race alongside the four-wheeler.  He likes to follow when I go horseback riding.  He has one favorite cat that he lets eat out of his dish, the rest he chases out of his yard.

He weighs just short of 100 lbs. and is about thigh high to me.  Although he’s never given any indication of being a guard kind of dog, with his size and intimidating presence, I still feel he is also a source of protection for me as well.”


Simon is Sharla's furry friend thanks to Friends of Pets.

Simon is Sharla’s furry friend thanks to Friends of Pets.

Butler Family and Yukon Cornelius-

Yukon Cornelius was a welcome member to the Butler family .

Yukon Cornelius was a welcome member to the Butler family .

“We went to a Friend’s of Pets picture with a pet and Santa event at Bomgaars in Dec 2013. They had the cutest gray kitten Taya took a pic with. We went home then decided we wanted that kitty. Went back to Bomgaars but kitty had already been packed up and we learned it had some health issues but was over the hump. We got Sharis’ number and went home to think more. Next day called Sharis and went to her trailer but the kitten had a re-occurrence of its illness overnight. So Sharis took us to another person’s house who had tons of cats and kittens and that’s where we got our cat. We named him Yukon Cornelius for the Christmas special character. He is the best- Playful, loving, smart, puts up with an Aussie trying to snack on his head and then grooms said Aussie. He is tough as nails, but super gentle with Taya. “

The kitten which brought the Butler family to find their fur-ever buddy Yukon Cornelius.

The kitten which brought the Butler family to find their fur-ever buddy Yukon Cornelius.


Michelle and Olaf-

Olaf is Michelle's carpool buddy everyday.

Olaf is Michelle’s carpool buddy everyday.

“OK- this is Olaf, my buddy! He is more than my cat. Here is the story: I fostered Olaf when I needed companionship at a low point in my life. Olaf had a lot of adjustments to make coming to live at my folks with the grand kids, nephews, guinea pig….I was making a lot of adjustments in my life as well. We both understood where each other was at in our lives. He adjusted well at my parents after a few weeks, and loves their outdoor cat Garfy. Then, I found my own place, and I was worried about Olaf making another adjustment. I live close enough to the highway; I did not let Olaf outside at my apartment. So…..I started taking him to my parents during the day while I was working. Yup, car ride to my parents. It’s been a month now, and every morning, Olaf is ready to go to my parents in the morning & every night, I pick him up and he comes home with me. The really cute part is- Olaf follows me to my car and gets in himself! What a cat/friend/buddy! I love him so much! I adopted Olaf in March, less than a month after I got him as a foster!”

Olaf gets spoiled often by his buddy Michelle.

Olaf gets spoiled often by his buddy Michelle.

Tena and Cody-

Tena and Cody go on many outdoor adventures together.

Tena and Cody go on many outdoor adventures together.

Cody has been a blessing in my life. He is intelligent and loving. He often puts his head on my leg and even drapes himself over me when I am sitting so that I can feel his heartbeat on my leg. It’s like he is saying, “I’m yours forever!” I’ve never had a dog that is so affectionate, always looking for an opportunity to snuggle or cuddle with me. When we are getting ready to go for a walk he stands at attention with his hip against my leg so he can follow my every movement.

Learning new tricks is fun for Cody. He can “back” which is a handy command in the car or when he gets threaded into a stand of small reeds near a pond. He also knows how to “crawl” under or “jump” through openings in fences which comes in handy when we are out hiking on trails south or east of Chadron. A friend told me to keep teaching Cody commands or he will find ways to get into trouble. He loves food, so he enjoys a toy that dispenses treats when he “pulls” on the attached rope.

When we attended a local obedience and agility class, Cody had the time of his life socializing with the other dogs and their owners. At two years, he’s still an energetic puppy, so he excelled more at the agility course than the obedience portion. He loves people and dogs so much that he even gets excited when he sees a parked vehicle along a trail. He’s smart. He knows cars carry people and dogs!

Cody has such a distinctive personality and so many adventures that I decided to start a mini blog for him on my Facebook page. Every week, friends stop me in the store or on the sidewalk to comment about how much they enjoy his comments, photos and videos. I also share them on Pet People, managed by Judy Nelson. On one of our first walks, Cody was proudly prancing along as if to say, “Look world. I have a mom!” Then he pulled away from me and went running toward a family. It was dark, so I couldn’t see their faces and pulled him back toward me. I learned later that week that they were his foster family, Kelly and her children. He was drawn to them by the good memories and fun times in their care for five weeks. Cody has heart and he’s loyal. I feel fortunate to have him in my life. As the saying about rescue dogs goes, “Who saved Who?”

Cody is so smart and has so much personality he now has his own computer blog.

Cody is so smart and has so much personality he now has his own computer blog.

Frank & Beans-

Frank & Beans were rescued as abandoned newborn kittens in a wood pile.

Frank & Beans were rescued as abandoned newborn kittens in a wood pile.


Frank and Beans were litter mates found this summer as abandoned and starving newborn kittens in a wood pile. This adorable pair were adopted at a Fur Trade Days adoption fair and are now living the spoiled good life as house cats to a couple who has found great joy in the duo.

Frank & Beans are living the good life as spoiled house cats.

Frank & Beans are living the good life as spoiled house cats.



Known by his foster mom as Timid Timmy, this sweet bull terrier was looking for a family to love him and be best buddies with. As fate would have it, at an adoption fair at the Chadron Bomgaars store, Timmy found his family. He now is loved just the way he deserves to be and is enjoying all of the snuggle time. Way to go Timmy! We are happy for you!

Timmy Snuggles

Allen family and Charlotte-


This is our Charlotte who we adopted from Friends of Pets! She is such a princess and we spoil her like one! We adopted her when she was 6 months old, my parents were fostering her & my husband and I just instantly fell in love with her sweet nature. She loves going on walks & hikes as well as playing & snuggling with her two rescue sisters. Charlotte is a Pitbull/Whippet mix and we think she is pretty darn cute. We couldn’t have asked for a more well-behaved and loving addition to our family.

Charlotte's doggie siblings

Ratchet’s story-


*As reported by Chadron State College in an update about local Upward Bound program on 02.13.16

Approximately 25 Upward Bound students from Chadron, Crawford and Alliance high schools, along with Upward Bound Academic Advisers Heather Barry, Tearza Mashburn, Brad Gaston and Director Maggie Smith-Bruehlman helped with a Friends of Pets adoption event at Bomgaars in Chadron Saturday.
Students helped set-up crates, walked and played with foster dogs, and also cared for cats and kittens available for adoption, according to Smith-Bruehlman
Heather Crofutt, CSC START adviser who currently fosters Nala, one of the dogs up for adoption, also attended.
The first adoptee of the day was Ratchet, a young Chinese Crested mix.
“The elderly man who adopted Ratchet had just put his beloved Jack Russell Terrier to sleep two days earlier. With great emotion, he bonded with Ratchett and explained that his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, kept asking about their Jack Russell. He knew she needed another dog to love and believed Ratchet was the perfect pet for him and his wife,” Smith Bruehlman said.
Later in the day, the man returned to Bomgaars. He told Claire Shogrin, Friends of Pets volunteer, that when he introduced Ratchet to his wife, she gave a big smile, something she has not done for a very long time.
“It was a success,” Smith-Bruehlman said. “Overall, it was a great day for the Friends of Pets animals who were adopted and the Upward Bound students helped out by giving back to an important organization. Not only did they have fun walking the dogs, they also experienced rescue animals in need of forever homes.”

Ratchet and volunteer


We adopted Rockey, who we named Teddy, a few weeks ago. A 2 year old Shi Tzu/Dachshund mix. He’s made himself quite at home and just sleeps literally all day every day. His favorite spot is to sleep on you lap if you are laying down, or a few feet from your feet if you are standing. He’ll follow you everywhere and is a sweetie. He’s the most well behaved chill dog ever, and is crazy easy to train. My 2 year old daughter loves him. I made him a Winnie the Pooh hat and a red winter jacket this past week, and he loves it. He’s so lazy, I could hardly get it in him without him plopping down trying to sleep. Haha. He’s the perfect fit for our family. I’ve been looking for a small dog that won’t bother my allergies, a quiet, small, trainable, tame, and quite frankly, a lazy dog. And he is perfect. He does great on walks, and loves being brushed and pet. He had some separation anxiety with us at first, but now that he knows that we always come back, he’s doing 1,000 times better. Thanks Friends of Pets!


Two years ago at another Harvest Fest I met a sad sick dog who needed a foster home. She was a bit of a disaster but sweet. Two years later this foster failure is healthy, happy and well adjusted enough that she successfully​ played at a dog park with multiple stranger dogs. She also has a little boy that loves her very much and a younger big brother that I would say likes her (enough to share a pillow). Even if you aren’t ready to adopt, consider fostering.